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Facts For Tourists Keen On Kenya Safaris


The name Kenya is synonymous for the great wilds of Africa, a vast natural theatre for showcasing and protecting their abundant and varied wildlife. It is therefore no wonder that people come in their thousands to experience the unforgettable thrill of an African Safari. With enthralling reserves to showcase wildlife and undulating plains, a safari in Kenya is a guaranteed spot in your photo album.

Kenya is situated in East Africa, neighboring countries like Tanzania and Uganda, and possesses some of Africa’s finest landscapes and diverse wildlife. The blend of natural beauty and thriving animal scene is captured at its finest by the well-organized safaris and excursions that Kenia Tours and Safaris aims to provide.

Here at Kenia Tours and Safaris, we believe that every part of your safari experience should be easy and enjoyable – That’s why we focus on providing a safari package that is affordable for people working under a holiday budget. We also appreciate the fact that you may have certain individual requirements, and we are glad to meet them through a tailor-made package designed just about anyone – be as an individual, family or large group.

A Safari in Kenya provides a platform to witness the wildlife, landscape and people that make up the heart of Africa’s Great Plains. The views across the golden-yellow grasslands dotted with acacia trees and snaking rivers are dazzling, and emanates a beautiful sense of being in a natural Amphitheatre of the world. The traditional safari allows you to drive through Kenya’s most stunning reserves via an open 4-wheel drive, which only adds to the unforgettable thrill one, will inevitably feel.

So, if you’re searching for an adventure into heart of Africa’s plains, a package that will heighten your experience in Kenya and looking to experience hands-first the immense beauty that this country has to offer, then we can assure you that Kenia Tours and Safaris will be happy to provide an affordable, comfortable and thrilling safari just for you. For more information on our company and its services, visit

Looking forward to providing you with the best African experience there is!


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An incredible holiday which has still remained in our thoughts and Hearts with all the fun and adventure in Kenya come true by your professional team.

Andy & Julie USA

We had Great Safari Experience which was always our dream and fulfilled by you all. Thank you very much

Phil & Mary

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